Sparx has years of experience designing for industrial, military, consumer, aerospace, and medical environments.


Sparx is the ideal development partner to represent your interests in any technology-related opportunity. Sparx provides a plug-and-play team of licensed engineers specializing in the design of electronics, mechanical, software, chemical, and automation systems across all industries. Simply plug Sparx into your team to accelerate project completion and increase quality of execution.

Working with companies of all sizes, from mega-corporations that are too big to get projects fielded quickly, to startups and small businesses that need expertise but can’t support a full engineering team, Sparx is engineering a new way of engineering.

Why Sparx?

Our clients come to Sparx for a variety of reasons - how can we help you?

We have the engineering expertise to help kickstart and complete your project. Our dedicated team of seasoned engineers have delivered on client projects for years and can do the same for you. Whether you need assistance in software, electrical design, mechanical design or other areas, the engineers at Sparx are ready to tackle the challenges of a new project and accelerate to the finish line.

As technology evolves and advances, products can become obsolete quickly. Whether it be from a missing feature, component discontinuation, extreme lead times, or an off-the-shelf design change, your product could be in jeopardy. The engineers at Sparx stay on the leading edge of technology and have the experience and skills to design around any current issues or issues that may arise in the near future.

A unique and great technology is difficult to find. It is even more difficult to know whether the technology is as advertised, especially when it comes down to investment decisions. Our team has designed products and executed on projects from just about every industry and engineering area. We understand what is out there and what isn’t. We know what good tech looks like and we can evaluate it from the component level all the way up. Let us arm you with the information or questions you need to make an important decision on a technology investment.

Our clients often have rough prototypes or proof of concept designs but lack the ability to produce dozens or thousands more. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and understanding the right amount of testing is critical to a successful product launch. Sparx has the experience and a wide network of manufacturing partners to take your technology from prototype to product.

Have more work than you can manage? Clients often engage Sparx on a longer-term basis. The arrangement will vary in the number of FTE’s (full-time equivalents) and range from a minimum of 12 months to multiple years. This type of agreement provides flexibility to the project needs over time. Sparx adjusts as the project develops and provides the technical expertise needed at the given time. FTE agreements also allow for a reduced rate, as compared to Project Work.

Sparx Engineering was built to solve problems. It’s in our DNA and the reason we exist as a company. We dig deep in the core issues of problem and rapidly develop a plan to solve it.


Sparx has a wide range of industry experience in these industries.

Engineering Firm for Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

Engineering for the Medical Industry


Engineering for Biotech and Pharma Industries

Biotech & Pharma




Sparx has a wide range of industry experience in these industries.


Academia & Research

Academia & Research

Engineering for the Multi-Media Industry





For companies and groups that don’t have engineering and technology expertise in house, performing the proper due diligence in areas requiring high-tech literacy is a constant challenge. Much like a law firm or accounting firm, Sparx Engineering can represent you in any transaction, evaluation, or other endeavor to assure that your interests are well represented in a situation requiring engineering fluency. Whether that means asking the right questions, performing a written analysis of a technology, or just sorting between fact and fiction.

Sparx Engineering Headquarters in Houston Texas


Every time we have the opportunity to meet with clients, one of the first questions they ask is, “What is the Sparx story?” We enjoy answering that question, because we are able to pepper in plenty of startup clichés with straight faces. The fact is, as of early 2009, we really were just a few guys working out of a poorly air-conditioned garage (albeit a storage company’s office/garage combo) near Johnson Space Center. We had come from another startup where we honed our skills on how to operate with a tiny budget and little management support. As a result, we learned valuable lessons about what not to do in business. With backgrounds ranging from Space Medicine, eBay, Oil Field Services, and Electronics Manufacturing, we decided that there might actually be a market for our collective expertise. So we leapt at the chance to try this entrepreneur thing on our own and see if people would hire us for innovative engineering design and product development.

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