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Altium’s Definition of Insanity Tour in Houston

msp430 3d pcb altiumToday we’re helping present at the Definition of Insanity Tour to showcase Altium Designer 2013. If you’re unfamiliar with the Altium Designer software, it is by far the best electronics design software package for rapid design. The integrated approach used by Altium (they call it “Unified”) for board design is one of the secrets to our success. With Altium we’re able to quickly progress from the whiteboard to a schematic to the PCB to a UPS box on the lab bench. Everyone understands the value of having circuit boards in-hand early in the design process – not even the software guys can complain about that.

Sparx Engineering is the only authorized service bureau in the Houston area that provides consulting services to companies using Altium Designer. Sparx can help you:

• Convert legacy designs to Altium Designer
• Migrate libraries to Altium Designer
• Step through your first projects using Altium
• Provide additional manpower for design and drafting work
• Develop version control workflows for libraries and designs
• Integrate your designs and libraries with mechanical CAD
• On-site training
• On-site troubleshooting and support
• Develop FPGA-based projects

fpga 3d pcb altiumSparx Engineering can design electronics to meet virtually any need. Our engineers have experience designing circuit boards ranging from consumer entertainment devices to military life support equipment. At Sparx we breed a unique type of engineering team that understands all aspects of a system, from concept creation to assembly line production.

Sparx has managed simple, hand-soldered 2 layer boards all the way to panelized, surface mount, machine assembled boards with 10+ layers, fine pitch components, pin-swapped FPGAs, multiple ball grid arrays, etc. There’s no job too big or too small for our team to handle quickly and effectively. Whether you need five or five-thousand, we’re up for the challenge.

Sparx can also take on other aspects of product development, including mechanical design, software design, FPGA logic development, and supply chain management.

Already have a design, but there’s a problem? Our engineers can rapidly come up to speed on existing designs in order to fix problems or make modifications.

Contact us to talk about what you need.

In addition to expertise with Altium, Sparx can provide service, support, and training to users of Solidworks and help you develop workflows for moving back and forth between mechanical and electrical CAD.

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