Chemical Products & Services

Sparx Engineering offers a unique blend of science and engineering expertise, including expert chemical consulting.

Specialty Compound Synthesis

Specialty Compound Synthesis

The Sparx Chemical Team specializes in commercial scale synthesis of fine chemicals. 

Material Specification

Cutting edge technology requires the right material for the end use case.

Antimicrobial Screening

Rapidly iterate formulation optimization with routine microbial testing
Follow ISO protocols for more samples for active loading vs target microbes
At a lower overall cost than labs just focus on microbioloty

Failure Analysis

Identification of chemical degradation products and determine root cause failure

Lab Services

Sparx Engineers combine custom synthesis with ruggedized electronics to provide robust solutions for difficult to detect analytes in complex, ‘real world’ fluids and surfaces. Chemical specialties include selective sequestration or detection by optical (UV/Vis, Fluorescence, Luminescence) or electrical (Conductivity, ReDox) signal changes.

Lab Services

Infrared Analysis - FTIR

Comprehensive material identification, product purity and quantitative analysis with libraries of over 40,000 compounds to compare.

Optical Spectroscopy

Concentration quantification or characterization with commercial or custom assays

Separation and Analysis with Automated Flash Chromatography

Comprehensive mixture separation for component identification

Plastic blending, antimicrobials, colors with sample coupons

Save time and money with rapid iteration of plastic blends for mechanical properties or unique chemical properties

Comprehensive formulation to meet Performance specs

Fluids, gels mixtures rapid optimization with a professional team

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Sparx has introduced a breakthrough water treatment technology via a new spin-off company.

Countertrace patented technology removes unwanted contaminants from water with a unique polymer macroparticle, leaving a usable product.

More information on Countertrace is available at

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Sparx also now offers data mining capabilities for complex data sets or nonlinear analyses employing techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Linear Discriminate Analysis (LDA) that can be deployed to find unknown correlations from observed behaviors in chemical and mechanical systems.

Further, these statistical methods may be employed for formulation optimization in the connection of chemical variables with observed performance for high value applications.