Industrial Design

Conceptualizing a product early in the process is critical to the success of its development. Our interdisciplinary work force has the ability to turn conceptual prototypes into real working technologies.

The ID Approach

The ID Approach

At Sparx we know how important the function and aesthetic value of a product is. Depending on our clients end goals, we have the ability to conceptualize ideas through the use of hand renderings, tangible prototypes, film and animations to secure patents or for crowd funding purposes. Below is a breakdown of the way we approach design.

Phase 1: Research

Evaluative research methods are used to create the framework and understand the existing issues, materials, market value and trends, in order to expose potential design opportunities. This is critical when analyzing a new idea or intending to innovate an existing application.

Phase 2: Understanding

As information from step one filters through the design sieve, we now how a direction and solid foundation to approach the problem. It is in this next step that we have identified the potential, but the problem still is not solved.

Phase 3: Ideation

This is the conceptualized sketching process used to generate ideas and potential solutions. Through multiple review processes, the best solutions will be selected for the next phase. Ideas are chosen based off of real world manufacturability, your timeline and cost.

Phase 4: Prototyping

We provide you with working proof of concept so you can touch and feel your product before detailed engineering begins.

Phase 5: Manufacturing Integration

Engineering and design for manufacturing integration occurs. Whether it’s a mechanical, electrical, software or chemical prototype needed, Sparx’s multidisciplinary workforce makes this happen.

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Have a product concept or new technology you are wanting to develop? Sparx can do the research, ideation, prototyping and required testing to deliver you a working prototype.