Software Engineering

Sparx’s engineering team approaches development using best practices from both the software and hardware worlds.

In the evolving world of embedded, mobile and web applications, it is imperative that companies and organizations stay ahead of the curve in order to compete.

Embedded Development

Embedded Development

Rapid Application Development & Prototyping

Mobile App Development
Cloud and Backend Services


Data Integrity, Support, & Consultation

Data Integrity, Support, and Consultation
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Embedded Software

Hardware Platforms

ARM family from tiny low power to desktop class, X86, MIPS, TI, FPGA, PLCs

Operating Systems

Micrium RTOS, FreeRTOS, Linux, Windows Embedded/CE, Android Based Linux, Super Loop/Infinite Loop

Low Level Communication Protocols

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), I2C, 1 wire, MDIO, serial, pulse width modulation, memory mapped IO, custom vender specific chip protocols

High Level Communication Protocols

USB, Ethernet, Controller Area Network (CAN), WIFI/802.11/Wireless Networking, Bluetooth, BLE, ANT+ Wireless, Modbus, Z-Wave, Zigbee

Analysis and Debugging

Board Support Packages, Hardware test packages for debugging custom boards, Packet Sniffing/ protocol debugging tools, Hardware Programming and debugging tools (JTAG/ICE/ISP), FCC Compliance, Logic Analyzers/Spectrum Analyzers/Protocol Decoders/Oscilloscope

Embedded Development

Low Power, Bootloader, Wireless Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates, Wireless Communication, Serial Protocols, Robotics, Near—infrared Spectroscopy, Scaling complexity into limited platforms

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With our expertise in these fields, and our experience applying these technologies to create real-world business solutions, we help our clients gain the edge required to succeed in a constantly changing marketplace.